Gym: World Class Gymnastics
USAG Level 6

2021 Level 6 JR1: State Beam & Floor Champion 
2019 Level 4: State Beam Champion
2018 Level 3:  State Champion: ALL TITLES

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I am a USA Gymnastics Athlete in the Women’s Developmental Program-Optional Program . Visit the USA Gymnastics web site ( with all the information you need to understand the progams and rules.


Here’s What I Do….

I compete as a Women’s Artistic Junior Olympic Compulsory Athlete in Gymnastics. I practice 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. The four events I participate in are vault, uneven bars, floor exercise, and balance beam. Conditioning is important in obtaining the flexibility and endurance to perform in these events. Training has taught me extreme discipline, not only as an athlete, but in my focus overall. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to see my videos.


I was so scared of this event. Thinking about running fast towards that big vault scared me. I used to run fast and then pitter-patter when I got close. My coach was so encouraging. Now I can run and explode off a board onto the vault and stick it. In my first mock meet, I scored a 9.3! In my second meet, I won 1st place!

Floor Exercise

This is pretty fun for me to display my grace and tumbling skills. I have to dance and tumble to choreography my coaches taught me. At my current level, everyone does the same routine to the same music. At my Invitational, I won 1st Place with a 9.4!

Balance Beam

This is the most difficult event. It’s like having a floor routine, but I have to do it on a 4″ wide beam!! My routine is choreographed for me and it includes tumbling, acrobatic, and dance movements. My first meet, I scored a 9.5 and won 1st Place!

Uneven Bars

Bars are so much fun, but can be very hard to execute. It takes a lot of strength, courage, and training for me to master the techniques on this event. It’s my most difficult. When I dismount, I always feel relieved. At my first mock meet, I scored a 9.5. In my 3rd meet, I placed 1st with a 9.4!

The Beginning

I started ballet at The Academy of Dance and Gymnastics in the fall of 2016. I liked it but my mom taught me the basics before I started and I felt a little bored with the beginners class. My mom was teaching me splits, round offs, back bends, and kart wheels too. I started to really like it. One day my mom went to her friend Faye’s house. Mrs. Faye’s husband, Coach Moore is a football coach and athletic trainer and he helped me get my backbend. I started practicing more and more so I asked my mom if I could start gymnastics. She talked to my ballet teacher and she suggested I take the class. By then, it was more than half way through the year, but I really wanted to do it. I was self teaching from watching a lot of YouTube videos on gymnastics. All I knew is that I had to try out.

I was nervous, but after I tried out, they put me in the intermediate class! I was so happy I didn’t have to do the beginner’s class. From there, I learned how to do back hand springs and front and back walk overs. By the end of the year, I danced in the recital and did my performance in the tumbling class at the recital too. I wanted more! My mom said that she was going to look for a USA Gymnastics gym for me. After calling around, she took me to a gym where I got to try out a class for free. When I first walked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I joined World Class Gymnastics in July 2017. Within a month, I moved up from level 1 to level 3. By August, I was invited to join the Junior Olympic compulsory team as a level 3 gymnast! Two weeks later, I was invited to join the TOPS training team. Now I am TumbleLina (named by Mr. Ward) and I love being a gymnast! Please view my GALLERY for pictures of my events!